The Pezzolato Company (Italy) is the producer of chipping machines- disk and drum chippers, shredders windrow tuners, drum screeners, firewood equipment and power station on chips.

The THOR  Company (Italy) is producer firewood equipment  - log splitters, saw benches, firewood processors.

The Maxwald Company (Austria) is the producer of cable winches, skidding grapes, small cable systems, rescue-winches.

The PRINZ Company (Austria) is the producer of chainsaw cutting equipment for wood, paper, and plastic.

The Most-Tools Company (Ukraine) is official representative leading Italian producers of woodcutting tools in Ukraine.

The "Crystal Traktor” Company (Poland) - is producer of forest tractors , road tractors, road- railway tractor, agricultural tractors.

The "ORVEX" Company (Slovakia) - is producer of skidders tractor, the company also make overhaul of LKT skidders.

The "OFA" Company (Finland) - is producer of chains on the wheels for a wide range of forest machines, agricultural and road-building machinery, trucks, forklifts and ATVs.

The "HYDROFAST" Company (Poland) is producer of machinery for the timber industry and construction (wood transport trailers, car and tractor manipulators, spare parts for hydraulic systems).

The "Imac" Сompany (Poland) - develops and integrates technological lines for manufacturers of doors, chairs, furniture, furniture facades, boxes, profiles, picture frames and baguettes, windows, etc. Creates special machines and devices for mechanization and automation of production processes .